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Diabetes & Dietary Discipline E-mail
Disease - Diabetes
Written by Dr. Satish Bajaj   

Diabetes & Dietary Discipline

Going into the details of statistics of Diabetes will be the wastage of time for the reader as well as for the writer. The rise is so high that even the people not related to medical profession know the name of the disease as ‘SUGAR’. So, it becomes the duty of the medical professionals to guide the public to manage it at all levels, personal & mass.

Let us understand the phenomenon of the disease first, for a better management. Sugar (glucose, carbohydrates, starch etc.) is the very basic thing that is required by the body as instant source of energy. Each & every function being performed by the body requires this energy-providing group (COOH). The muscles of heart, lungs, intestines or external visible physical movements, all need energy. A definite level of Insulin hormone in the blood makes the cells to absorb this glucose &this energy in the cells performs all the functions of different organs of the body. This COOH group is like fuel which burns to produce heat (energy) in the body & its carbon molecule (C) is excreted out by lungs in the form of Carbon dioxide (CO2) which is simple to understand.

Diabetes & Dietary Discipline

The problem arises at two levels, i.e., either Beta cells of Pancreas, which secrete Insulin, start becoming inefficient & produce less insulin and/ or cells become resistant to Insulin.

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