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Treatment of Insomnia with Naturopathy E-mail
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Disease - Insomnia
Written by Dr. Jyoti Kumbhar   
Tuesday, 17 July 2012 17:53

Treatment of InsomniaTreatment of Insomnia in Naturopathy

Sleeplessness’… clinically termed as ‘insomnia’ is quite common in today’s list of ailments, which affects us physically and mentally. It occurs in 30-50 percent of general population. Approximately, 10 percent of population suffer from  chronic insomnia. It affects people of all ages including children, although its more common in adults and its severity increases with the age. In general, women are affected more frequently than men. According to one estimate ‘sleeplessness’ cost $ 15.9 billion a year in health care cost alone. ‘National Highway Traffic Safety’ (NHTS) report says, that, about 1,00,000 auto mobile accidents happens yearly because of ‘drowsy drivers;

Now as it raises our concern not only for individual’s health but for  the society’s wellness, let us study this in detail. Insomnia clinically defined as, difficulty in falling asleep or staying asleep or early awakening in morning or frequent awakenings during sleep and inability to fall asleep again, followed by functional impairment during daytime.

According to modern medical science there are different types and classification of insomnia as follows-

1.    Primary – Not by any known physical or mental conditions (common causes like alcohol, stress, coffee, etc.)

2.    Secondary – By some medical conditions (like psychiatric diseases, depression is most common).


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